Idea and Action from a Group: Developing a proposal and gaining interest for establishing a "Texas Social and Emotional Wellness Center for Children and Families"

Generated by:  A Group of Children's Mental Health Advocates
Submitted for posting by:  An advocate

"...[In working] with the national technical assistance center associated with Georgetown University and other “Centers of Excellence,” [we've] wondered if we, in the great state of Texas , could support a central hub or center [the Texas Social and Emotional Wellness Center for Children and Families] in partnership with higher education. It certainly makes sense ...   [We are] asking around and gaining interest from partners, especially within the mental health transformation effort...  [W]e collectively did some research from other states and developed a proposal... [and] are doing presentations to different groups and individuals...   A better informed workforce (from higher ed), promotion of evidence-informed practices, databases of credible training and technical assistance…the potential goes on and on." 

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