Idea and Action: Realizing the need for accessible portable toilets and writing and submitting an op-ed on the subject

Submitted by:  Mike Spencer 

"After the LBJ holiday when I went to the ranch out by Fredericksburg , I noticed for the celebration a row of “porta-poddys” and noticed one was larger and designed for wheelchairs or other people with disabilities that needed more room.  My whole drive back I thought about that (I even took a picture of it) and it got me thinking of how many public events I’ve been to that do not have these types of accessible features for persons with special needs. 

So my “special” thing for the month of September was that I wrote a short op-ed piece and sent it to a few newspapers (Austin American-Statesman, Indianapolis Star News, Washington Post) for publication. 

I didn’t see where it ended up in any of these publications, unfortunately.  I think I’m going to try to send it again to the Statesman next week and tailor it more towards the South by Southwest crowd that will be here weekend after this coming one." 

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