Action: Sharing information about a new resource guide for children with special needs

Submitted by:  Elaine Hime (sharing information about the work of Bethany Miller (parent) and Kendra Koch of the CChiPAG (Complex Chronic Illness Parent Advisory Group) of Dell Children's Medical Center (DCMC) Palliative Care in Austin, Texas):

"The Complex Chronic Illness Parent Advisory Group at Dell Children's with the support of one of Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN) Services Program's Medical Home grants has produced the Austin Area Resource Guide for Children with Special NeedsThe CChiPAG used the template of my Resource Guide [for the Houston area] and the portions that pertained to the state, filled in the rest with Austin info and added additional sections.  The Austin Guide looks great and I am very proud of Bethany Miller (parent) and Kendra Koch of Seton who worked so hard on tracking down the Austin info and getting the Austin Guide to the printers.  The CChiPAG printed 5,000 hard copies.

Below is the link on the Dell Children's website for the Austin Guide.

[Added note: Elaine Hime's Resource Guide for the Houston area is found at:]

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